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Relationships and the seriously injured person - facing life after a serious injury in the family



The most difficult topic to discuss with families is where the injured person has a spouse or a partner. At first they may hope for, and expect, full recovery, or at least major improvement...

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Family vs professional care - part 4: giving up a job to care for an injured relative

giving up work


One particular area which deserves better attention than it currently receives is where a family member gives up his or her job to look after the injured person...

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Family vs professional care - part 3: what happens if a carer becomes ill or dies?



When valuing family care it may be a sensible precaution to make allowances for the possibility that family carers will become unable to care due to ill health or death...

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Family vs professional care - part 2: calculating costs and compensation



Once a decision has been made on the care that is required, it is easy to instruct an expert who will visit the home and assess the requirement for care and the cost...

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Family vs professional care - part 1: the considerations



In the immediate period following an accident, the starting point for many families is to look after the injured person themselves for as long is necessary...

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Remembering that all claimants are different



Whatever the injury, professionals must never make the mistake of assuming that people with the same, or similar, injuries have the same requirements or desires...

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