Fatal Accidents icn fatal

The death of a loved one is difficult to bear for those who have been left behind. The love, affection and support that was given by him or her has been cruelly and probably unnecessarily brought to an end. However, the financial implications of death in these circumstances are also of enormous impact. The family who are left behind not only have to cope with the emotional strain of bereavement, but very quickly, the financial consequences can be all too real.

Experienced solicitors and barristers can assist by guiding you though the legal process.

Under the Fatal Accidents Act, a fixed sum of a bereavement award can be paid along with the direct or indirect costs of the funeral including flowers, memorial notices and so on.

Moving forward, an award to represent the financial loss for the future can also be calculated using a variety of methods designed to compensate those who have been left behind.

If a person is not killed instantly, but dies at a later stage, then their Estate can claim for pain and suffering caused to the fatally injured person prior to their ultimate death.

Awards of this sort can be complicated and engaging an experienced solicitor who can guide you through the complexities of this area of work is critically important.