The Legal Process

Consulting a lawyer early with regard to financial compensation is crucial to a good eventual outcome for the injured person.

Their rights start with treatment in hospital and it is essential that this treatment should be of the best. Although this may be so in the acute stages (i.e. in the period immediately after the injury), the financial constraints of the NHS may limit the nature and extent of treatment and rehabilitation in these cases. If the family seek specialist legal help early, it is sometimes possible to augment NHS funds with an Interim Payment to enable more suitable or extensive treatment and rehabilitation.

Lawyers experienced in this type of legal process will recognise good treatment and bad, and should be able to do something about the latter, provided they are consulted early enough.

The injured person and their family have the right to be treated decently at all stages of the legal process. They should be given as much information as they require and encouraged to ask questions at all stages, to which they should almost always be given full and frank answers.