Future Life Planning icn future planning

How and when to start planning?

It is useful to start considering the future life plan at an early stage, for two reasons:

  1. It gives the injured person and the family more time to think about the various concepts involved, and to get used to the idea that life will be completely different.
  2. It allows them the opportunity to put parts of the plan into action, to see whether their ideas are workable.

Ideal management of a case is often to discuss the future life plan and to put some or all of it into practice as soon as possible, so that when the case comes to trial, the judge is presented with a plan which can be demonstrated to work, rather than one which is entirely theoretical. For example, it is possible in the right circumstances to buy a suitable house or bungalow, have it adapted as appropriate, and for the injured person, with or without his family, to move in with support workers as needed. Equipment can be bought and installed, transport arranged, and leisure and holidays considered. Medical treatment and therapies can be purchased privately if necessary.

If the injured person and his family can create a sensible and reasonable future life plan, it should be comparatively easy to cost the constituent parts, and a judge should consider it to be appropriate. There will accordingly be a suitable award of compensation, which ought to allow good quality of life for the claimant.