Accessing rehabilitation icn rehabilitation

If there is a realistic chance that it will improve quality of life, rehabilitation should be pursued even though the cost will be substantial and there may be no financial benefit to the injured person or the insurance company.

The law is quite clear that injured people should have choice and patients are not restricted to treatments and therapies available on the NHS. Often the NHS is unable to provide any or sufficient rehabilitation. In addition, cost considerations are becoming more important within the NHS and can and do dictate treatment policy. It is all the more important, therefore, that suitable alternatives are explored if the State cannot provide the best reasonable package of rehabilitation.

It is common for lawyers to help patients to access appropriate rehabilitation, not because it is part of the legal process, but because it is important to enable claimants to do their best to re-build their lives following severe injury.

An experienced legal team will want to discuss avenues of treatment or rehabilitation which have not yet been explored, or which they would like to pursue further, to give the injured person the best possible chance of a good outcome.

The legal team should strive to obtain money to fund whatever is reasonably necessary. This is done by an application for an 'Interim Payment' (payment, in advance, of part of the final award of compensation).